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$99 "Data Days Business" File Load

MBI will load your file into your Dynamics CRM system for only $99 per file! If you have a correctly formatted file that you need loaded into a single CRM entity (e.g. Leads) we can get it loaded for you. Please see the details and requirements below and Contact us to get started today.

MBI's "Data Days Business Offer"
$99 File CRM File Load

Have data loaded into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, only $99/file (see details below)

Do you have lists in Micorosoft Excel of potential leads, contact, accounts or something else that you need to import into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system?

Muchmore Business Intelligence has been loading data into Microsoft CRM systems for over 13 years and we are happy to help you get your data into your system.

With our Data Days Business Offer, we will import your file of up to 25 columns wide and with up to 5,000 records (max size less than 3 MB) loaded to a single CRM entity in your Dynamics CRM system for the low cost of only $99 per file (please be sure your file and your system are "ready to go" as descibed below). If your file isn't quite ready to go, we can help with that too, with low hourly rates to get it prepped. You'll still be able to take advantage of the $99 file load once it's ready.

In order to qualify for this offer here's what we'll need from you to get started

  1. Your "Ready to Go" File in Microsoft Excel or CSV format, up to 25 columns and 5,000 records ("Ready to Go" described below)
  2. Access to your CRM system on an account that has permission to load data and create the types of records you want created
  3. Information about fields you want populated from your file (if it is not obvious)
  4. Whether you want the duplicate detection rules adhered to and ownership assignment if not specified in the list
  5. Agreement to pay
  6. Agreement that your file is "Ready to Go" as defined below
What does "Ready to Go" mean as far as the file and system?
Ready to go means:
For each of the items listed above, especially those indicated by the double asterisks (**),
** The file can still be successfully imported even if individual records in the file fail to import due to a condition such as those indicated. In this event, the job will still be considered to be successful and payment will still be required even if individual records fail for the reasons mentioned above, which are outside of MBI's control. We can help get the failed records successfully imported at our hourly rate, but ideally, the import files and your CRM system should be free of these types of issues prior to the import for the most efficient and affordable import experience.

If your file isn't "Ready to Go", that's OK, we have very reasonable rates to help you get it ready and get it loaded.
This offer applies to files intended to create new records only. We can assist with loads to update existing records in CRM or loads intended to both create new records and update existing records, however, those exceed the complexity that qualifies for the "Data Days $99 Offer". Contact us for a no cost, no obligation discussion and quote for those data projects.

Please contact us by email ( or by phone (941) 753-8270 to place an order, to receive a quote for a product not shown here, or for additional information.
If your import is urgent, please contact us by phone for the fastest response