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Lead Notes Promote only $199

Automatically create copies of notes created on your leads when users qualify leads into CRM accounts and opportunities. This application runs behind the scenes with no additional user input. Only $199 USD. Contact us for questions or to order.

Promote your Lead Notes to Accounts and Opportunities when you qualify a Lead.

One frustration that some organizations have is that when a lead is qualified into an Opportunity and Account, the Notes associated with the lead get promoted to… nowhere. If your team uses the Notes on leads to record interactions with the customers, having those notes on your newly created opportunities and accounts is very helpful.

Yes, we know that Microsoft CRM is meant to be an activity-based system and making a note “Called Johnson and talked about our pricing” is a “no-no” (Phone Call record is “right” way), but sometimes Notes happen.

MBI has developed a CRM plugin that automatically adds copies of the CRM notes from your qualified Lead and adds them to your newly created Opportunity and Account records. Our Notes Promote Plugin can be licensed to your organization for just $199 (USD, per production CRM organization).

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