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Reports For Microsoft CRM And Microsoft CRM Online

Need to get a better understanding of what is going on in your business?

Custom CRM Reporting

Muchmore Business Intelligence offers a variety of pre-defined reports as well as custom report development for your Microsoft CRM system.Reports and Dashboards allow you to cut through the clutter and see what is important to you.Muchmore Business Intelligence offers custom report creation for both Microsoft CRM and Microsoft CRM online. Please contact us with your report specifications for a quote.We also offer several pre-configured stock reports that can be purchased, uploaded to your CRM system and you can begin using them right away.MBI offers both Fetch XML reports which can be deployed in CRM on-line and custom SRSS (SQL Reporting Services) reports.


To order a CRM report, please contact MBI by phone at (941) 753-8270, e-mail or our contact page. We will need a small amount of technical information to make the reports run on your CRM system.

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