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Our business: Making your business better

We are happy to demonstrate the system to you and help you decide if the STSM is right for your organization.
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Muchmore Business Intelligence is the proud provider of Microsoft CRM and CRM services to the Oakland Athletics and many other outstanding organizations.

Our Business: Making Your Business Better

View your contact and account information in a central location. The contact and account forms are inter-related and have the information that your team needs to know about your past and potential future customers.

Contact Form – The STSM features an easily organized Contact Form, color coded (in team colors) to visually identify it from an Account Form. Contacts are the individuals that your organization works with.

Account Form – The Account form is also well laid out and simple to read. Accounts are the people and organizations that purchase tickets from your organization. The Account form is also color coded for easy identification. All critical information such as Activity History and Ticket sales information is accessible from the Account form

Ticket History – The Ticket History form contains vital information about customer ticket purchases. This information is typically batch imported from the ticketing system on a nightly basis and supports reporting to target high probability customer accounts. The ticket history view from the Account form displays an aggregated view of the history of tickets purchased by the Account.

Order Form – Obtaining, processing and managing customer orders is critical to your business. STSM features a comprehensive order form, capable of managing multiple order types from the single form.

Order Ticketing – Add tickets and other order details (such as parking) to the order by adding an Order Product. Order Products are pre-priced and the values are pulled from the STSM pricing menu. Users with permission can override or discount prices on the fly as needed.

The Order type also dictates the layout of the Order Report. The report is altered to show the information needed to provide the customer a transaction receipt and to provide information needed for internal ticket processing. Your logo is added to the reports. These order reports can be further customized to meet your needs as well. Examples of order report types are shown below.

Say you’re an organization so well known for getting the most bang for your buck that Hollywood makes an Academy Award nominated motion picture about the way you run your business. Say your organization wants to build a cost effective customer relationship management system to manage your customer base and help your sales team identify potential group, season and suite ticket sales candidates and then provide your team members with quick access to the information that they need to know about those customers…

Who do you trust to build your customer database?

The Oakland Athletics turned to Muchmore Business Intelligence to build theirs. We invite you to do the same.

Our customers love working with us and we think you will too!